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Recover Uploading Files from Canvas Mobile

I submitted a video recording file that was too big for Canvas on my pixel 3 XL.

I can, however, upload google photo links but since I recorded the video through canvas, it never saved to my camera roll.

It there any way I can recover this video so I can upload it through google photos?

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I managed to find the video in the cache folder of canvas but the video only lasts less than half a second despite having a file size of 745 MB. 

Is there any way for me to recover the full video?


I'm not sure about this one. Can you export the video to a computer and see if you have better luck opening it there? Let me know what you find out. 

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The problem still remains whenever exported to a computer.

However, I opened the exported video in notepad and found that a lot of video tags such as lmvhd or stts are included at the start of the file and also towards the end. So it seems like the video is instructing the computers to play a very brief section of the video while still storing the rest of the video.

Is there any way to mess with this file so that the full video is played?

Hi 171770‌,

I'm not really sure about this one, as it goes beyond Canvas. Maybe you can try an open-source video play like VLC and have more luck?