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Recurring assignment

Homeschooler here! Is there a way to make assign recur on a daily basis, without changing the due date each day? There are some assignments that are daily expectations and the instructions never change. I would like these to show up on their to do each day, to give them a reminder even though they do it every day. An example, for clarity sake: In literature, they are expected to read the next chapter of their book and write a summary paragraph. As far as I have figured out, I have to give them a new due date each day. Even if there's not a way to necessarily do this, I'm open to Canvas-oriented suggestions. Thank you! 

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 @lindseyprince5 ,

As you have discovered, Canvas does not support recurring assignments, each one would need to be its own assignment with its own column in the gradebook (if you want it to count as a grade). However, you may not want it to be a grade at all, but just a reminder.

Here are some ways you can accomplish the reminders.

If you really need it to be on the To Do list, then there are non-graded assignments that put an entry onto the To Do list but keep it out of the gradebook. You can make it non-graded while editing the assignment by choosing the "Display Grade As" option.

One way to quickly set these up is to create the first ungraded assignment and then duplicate it many times: How do I duplicate an assignment? There is a Google Sheet I wrote that allows you to edit the dates for all of the assignments at one time. It also allows you to change the name of the assignments. This would allow you to quickly setup that information (at least faster than doing it manually): Adjust All Assignment Dates on One Page 

If you're willing to forgo the To Do list, you can use a pure-Canvas solution without the need to use external scripts. The To Do list is just one place where things show up, but there are other places as well. The solution here is to set up a recurring Calendar event. This isn't an assignment or a grade, which means it doesn't show up in the gradebook or assignments page. It does show up on the calendar and syllabus.  It will also show up on a student's dashboard provided they are using the list view and not the dashboard card or recent activity views. See How do I add an event to a course calendar?  and How do I add and duplicate an event in the Calendar as an instructor? for instructions on setting up the event and How do I use the to-do list for all my courses in the List View Dashboard as a student? for instructions on how to make your dashboard use the list view.

Thank you! I’m not super attached to the to do list and neither are my kiddos; I think they mostly use their calendar anyway. I’ll do as you’ve suggested. Thank you!

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I’ve successfully created calendar events, but I’m not sure how to go back in and edit the frequency. When I first create them, I’m able to click “duplicate,” but forgot to edit the reoccurrence on a couple of them. How do I make this change?

Thank you!

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You don't go back in and change the frequency. When they are created, they are created as separate events and no longer tied together.

What you can do is go to the calendar and drag them to different dates or delete some of them.