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Redirect Tool (External App/LTI)

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In the past I have used the Redirect Tool (available in the list of LTI tools) to add a navigation tab in a course to load an external website (e.g. a google form) within the Canvas course window.  Now I am having difficulty getting this to work in the same way.

I know you can't load a non-https site inside the Canvas course window, but if the site I'm trying to load is https can anyone help me understand where I'm going wrong? 

Is anyone else having problems using the Redirect tool to create custom navigation options?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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I wish I knew how to pull that off. Unfortunately I do not. Those settings never work out for us anyway since all of our faculty are "students" inside our Resource Center for Faculty course. I've been meaning to write a feature request to address that problem...

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Has anyone been able to use the Redirect tool or another to overcome the:

Refused to display 'WEBSITE in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'SAMEORIGIN'


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I would like to use the redirect tool for either a GoogleSite or a Sharepoint site.  Neither work.  Both are https:// but they come through as a blank.  I can get almost any other site to show up, but not ones from these two origins.  Any suggestions?

 @christina_schul ‌ - Just out of curiosity, did you leave the "force open in new tab" checkbox enabled when setting it up?  I just tried one with an older Google Sites site of mine, and it worked fine, though indeed I received the message below first:

222395_open in new tab.jpg

I wonder if that's the white page that you're seeing and that graphic is not loading properly?  Also, is the Google Sites page publicly accessible for anyone with the URL?  (Mine was.)  Regarding SharePoint, same story:  I was able to redirect to a SharePoint site, however I'm automatically logged into it through my active directory integration here on my campus, so that may make a difference.  But the fact that most SharePoint sites require a login  may be the difference there.  Just guessing on a few of these....


I should have clarified.  No, I did not leave the "Force open in a new tab" enabled.  With all other links (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, news sites, library sites, etc.) I can disable that and have the page open in the Canvas sub-window (even with a Google-owned Blogger site).  However, GoogleSites and Sharepoint seemingly necessitate opening in a new tab.  As I am functioning in a K-12 environment, it would be helpful if this was not the case.  Numerous tabs can be cumbersome (and distracting) for students to navigate.  As we are attempting to transfer from a heavy GoogleSite usage toward Canvas adoption, having the ability to utilize previously creating GoogleSites "inside" Canvas would be preferable.  Are you able to 'embed' a GoogleSite without opening in a new tab?

Ah, okay!  Thanks for the clarification.  And NO--I am seeing the same thing you are.  Not too sure there's much that can be done; and if there is, it's beyond my level of expertise.

Glad to know I am not the only one.  My confusion is that for all the other sites I have tried to embed, it works great.  I can even create RSS widgets which work fine for everything but these two.  Why there would be a glitch for (as far as I know) GoogleSites alone seems baffling.  Sharepoint, with all of its wonder, makes more sense...but a GoogleSite?  Especially since Blogger would embed.  If there is a work around or a reason, I would love to know it.

I think I found one for Google Sites, Christina.  I just tried this work-around--and it works!  Head here:

Google Sites - Allow Site Embedding (in iframes) - Google Sites Experts Designs Development Intranet... 

Even though it's a few years old, it still works.

You rock!  I just tried that out, and it worked.  Now I guess it is a wait and see for those that are using the 'New' GoogleSites, but this will definitely help out a lot.  Thank you!

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how do I lock the item so instructors can't remove it from the navigation menu in their courses. I have a few items I don't want them to remove because it is needed for students. Any other ideas?