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Relationship between # of attempts, one-at-a-time questions, time limit, and formula questions in quizzes

I create a quiz with 10 formula-type questions. I set a time limit of 60 minutes, set the quiz to deliver the questions one-at-a-time, and give students one attempt. Most students start and finish during class. The challenge: I have a handful of students who get extra time, but need to access that extra time later in the day - for example, during lunch, where lunch does not immediately follow my class period. I know that Canvas doesn't have a way to pause the timer, so it's no good just changing the time to 120 minutes for those students. Can I effectively accomplish this by giving those students TWO attempts of 60 minutes each? If a student has answered (for example) the first 6 questions during the first 60 minutes, do they have to re-answer the same questions on the second "attempt?" With formula-type questions, will they be given the same numerical values as they got in the first attempt, so all they have to do is re-type their first answers rather than perform new calculations? Can Canvas produce a quiz score that is based on the highest score ON EACH QUESTION rather than for the quiz as a whole? If so, they could leave the first six questions blank on the second attempt and just focus on the final 4 questions which is what I would want to achieve. Thanks for reading!

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I don't know of a good way to accomplish what you are needing but let me try to at least answer some of your questions.  If you give a student 2 attempts to try and do this, the 2nd attempt will be a new copy of the quiz.  This means that answers will not carry over from the first attempt.  Plus, since you are using Formula questions, they will get new versions of them on each attempt.  The order of the questions could also be different depending on how you set things up.

If you haven't used a question set, the order of questions should at least be the same on the 2nd attempt.  So you could use this method and just tell students to use the 2nd attempt to answer questions they didn't get to on the first attempt.  In Speedgrader you'll be able to see both attempts and can adjust the grade to reflect work on both attempts.

The only other suggestion I can think of is extend the time even more than 120 minutes.  If you know that students are going to finish the quiz over lunch (maybe even require this), provide enough extra time to get them through that period.  There is some trust in doing this that they won't use extra time in the periods between your class and lunch, but you would' always have quiz logs you could check to see if they abused the trust and worked on the quiz outside of what you have allowed them to.

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I have the same concern because classes have a limited time to do Canvas quizzes and with that in mind I would like to be able to pause/stop the quiz and then return to continue the next day, opposed to giving attempts.  Not everything is automatically graded. 

This would allow me to set specific time students can access the exam - e.g. in the classroom opposed to elsewhere (for cheating purposes) over a number of days.