Relationship between # of attempts, one-at-a-time questions, time limit, and formula questions in quizzes

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I create a quiz with 10 formula-type questions. I set a time limit of 60 minutes, set the quiz to deliver the questions one-at-a-time, and give students one attempt. Most students start and finish during class. The challenge: I have a handful of students who get extra time, but need to access that extra time later in the day - for example, during lunch, where lunch does not immediately follow my class period. I know that Canvas doesn't have a way to pause the timer, so it's no good just changing the time to 120 minutes for those students. Can I effectively accomplish this by giving those students TWO attempts of 60 minutes each? If a student has answered (for example) the first 6 questions during the first 60 minutes, do they have to re-answer the same questions on the second "attempt?" With formula-type questions, will they be given the same numerical values as they got in the first attempt, so all they have to do is re-type their first answers rather than perform new calculations? Can Canvas produce a quiz score that is based on the highest score ON EACH QUESTION rather than for the quiz as a whole? If so, they could leave the first six questions blank on the second attempt and just focus on the final 4 questions which is what I would want to achieve. Thanks for reading!