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Releasing Comments on Ungraded Assignments

You answered a question like mine with this link:   At the link, your website says about an update from January of this year:  "Additionally, for assignments with a manual posting policy, comments can be posted without a grade."  How?  Every answer about posting comments points to posting grades.  My assignments aren't individually graded. 

I want my teaching assistants to be able to post feedback/comments on ungraded assignments as they complete each student's paper.  I don't want students to see the comments while the TA is still working on a paper.  I want the comments hidden until the TA is prepared to release them. Please don't send me to the pages about automatic or manual grade posting.  They don't answer my question and don't solve my problem.  I want to do what you've suggested above: post comments, without a grade, manually, when each student's paper comments are ready.  

Many thanks.

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I have found that if I do not click submit, the comments I type remain as a draft that students cannot see.  You will see that is the intended behavior towards the end of this page:

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