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Removing app from course navigation

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I'm a bit frustrated with adding LTI-tools that always have default course navigation = true. 

I don't have any possibility to manually switch this to false?

My wish is that we can turn it on course by course, but authenticated on the institution level.

I'm also trying to do this trough the API, but since I'm new to the API I've not succeeded.

I'm using "Advanced REST client" with the following PUT-statement: 

What am i doing wrong?

Am I attacking this the wrong way?

Any pointers would be highly appreciated Smiley Happy 

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I think your general approach is okay.

I'm not sure that you can authenticate your API call like you are doing -- but I don't know anything about "Advanced REST client".   What do you get back from your API call?

If you generate an API token, then with curl its simply:

   curl -X PUT $server/api/v1/accounts/self/external_tools/58 \
         -H "Authorization: Bearer $token" \
        -F 'course_navigation[default]=false'

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