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Renaming discussion boards - issue

I am having similar issues. I created a group discussion board in a module. Then I decided to rename that discussion board a couple times. This seems to have resulted in creating a new discussion board with differently assembled groups for each renaming.

Some students make their first post but there are no posts for the first person to respond to.

What's going on?

Each time I rename a discussion board, does that delete the original DB, so that, with the last renaming, there is only that last DB for students to post in?

Thanks for responding.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there, @wykesk1 ...

I didn't realize that you had also posted your question as a new topic I had responded you over in this topic: Discussion Groups - Canvas Community.

Here is what I posted over in that topic:


Sorry to see that you are also having problems with discussion topics.  When you re-name a discussion topic in your course, that should not create a different instance of that topic.  It is only re-naming that topic to whatever you had previously named it.  Also, when you go to your "People" page and then go to your area with your Group Sets, re-naming a discussion topic should not affect the names of the Group Sets that you had already created.  For example, in my own sandbox course, I did the following:

  • Created a new Discussion Topic named "February Discussion" and assigned is as a group discussion with the group name "Canvas Assignment".  Saved and Published the discussion topic.
  • Edited the topic and changed the name to "February 10 Discussion". Saved the discussion topic.

The same "Canvas Assignment" group set was still assigned to discussion topic that I had originally assigned to it.

Are there any other settings for your discussion topic that you can identify that might be causing the issues that you are experiencing?

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!