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Reports on Inbox usage?

Are there any analytics or reports available or that can be generated or extracted (or even written or purchased as a tool), that can tell me what is the usage of the Inbox function at my institution? I want to find how how many students are actually using the Inbox, how many times they opened it, sent/received messages, and how many people they interacted with through the inbox?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Kunal,

Not sure you can get everything you're looking for out of Canvas, but I would recommend looking at the conversation api's‌ and the #analytics‌ API to start with. 

Conversations - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

Analytics - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

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Thanks  @bneporadny , Writing code is possibly going to be my last option. I"m trying to see if I can start by using Google Analytics for Canvas.

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I used this script as the base for GA, but made a slight fix to it to allow it to correctly capture inbox visits. Now, I'm able to figure out basic inbox usage at least. For more advanced analytics, I'm going to need to write code, I guess.