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Reset to Default View (remove filters, sort, etc.)

I know this was mentioned by several folks in the audience during the presentation at InstructureCon, but after some testing with the new features in the gradebook I'd like to make sure we capture the request that was made to offer a an option to quickly restore back to the default gradebook view. I think this is important for clearing filters and sort orders, but there is probably a discussion point around resetting the total columns that have been dragged to another location (this may need to be its own reset).

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Yup! Great feedback. And feedback we expected. We are working on a solution for this and will definitely get something in before Phase 1 is complete.

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I agree with vanzandt‌. Some sort of "Reset" button/option would be great. Or it could just be a reset for the sort/filter and not effect resetting status colors, points/percent, or other settings. I would think the most common action would be to reset sort and filter settings.

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Adding my +1

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Todd,

The team continues to add features to the New Gradebook. At the time of your post, I don't think we had many of the arrangement options that are now in the Gradebook, including the Default Order option. Additionally, status color changes only display on a per-user basis, so you'd still be able to see the default colors as long as you don't change them yourself (and the names can't be changed, so that feature by itself is useful). Do those options help you out?

Additional features will be added in Phase 2 that also allow for different views of the Total column, which may also help.


Thanks Erin!  The Default Order option is great for resetting the columns after having moved them around. That's definitely one of the items that was identified during the InstructureCon session.  The other, that isn't there yet, was a way to quickly reset/remove all Filters. 

Thanks again for all of the updates!

Community Contributor

A rest to default view is definitely needed!