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Resetting the given rubric in an assignment

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May I know if it is possible to clear the given rubric from a student?  Like if I have accidentally grade a student A with the rubric, but this rubric grades was suppose to be for student B.  Therefore I would like to clear the given rubric of Studnet A.  But somehow I can not find how to do so.  Anyone knows if it is possible?

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Hi Nick, thanks for your response.  The situation is that the instructor assessed the General Education outcomes for her class, however, there is one student she does not want to assess due to extenuating circumstances this semester. So she needs to clear the scoring for that student so that the assessment doesn't appear in the campus level outcomes report.  Additional thoughts?

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Hi Ofelia, thank you for responding.  The purpose of these assessments are for tracking our General Education outcomes assessment at a campus level.  The rubric assessment actually doesn't affect the grades for the students.  They don't want the student's assessment to appear in reporting as "not met" when the situation is such they shouldn't have been assessed at all.  Thanks again.

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This worked! Thank you!