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Respondus Lockdown Browser & Alternatives

Just like many schools, Chromebooks have become a larger and larger issue with Respondus Lockdown Browser (LDB). 

Now I have read that the new Quizzes Next tool will also not work with LDB.  Could someone confirm this?

So we are looking for an alternative.  The research I have done into other products that integrate with Canvas has yielded a lot of "all or nothing" products that will allow faculty to choose everything from a LDB all the way to live proctoring. That makes it impossible to control per-head costs, or requires a very expensive enterprise license. 

What alternatives are our there for a simple LDB that will work with Chromebooks, and will work with Quizzes Next?

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Hi, kburkes. I converted this to a discussion because there could be more than one answer to your second question. On the first question about New Quizzes and Respondus Lockdown Browser, I can confirm that it is currently not supported and according to the timeline shared in User Group: New Quizzes it is something we hope to support soon.


Hi @kburkes ,

I did find this on the Respondus website that may provide you some context:

Are Chromebooks compatible with LockDown Browser?

I can also update @awilliams post that Respondus and New Quizzes is now active. You can reach out to your Respondus admin for further information.

Cheers AW

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