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Restore a deleted user

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Hi all,

          Despite in Canvas Documentation says that "Delete a user" process cannot be undone (How do I delete a user from an account?) , we have the situation where a user was deleted but when an application tried to create it again with the same SIS_USER_ID the API response is "The SIS_ID is already used", so I understand that deletion is a logical one, not physical.

Does anyone know if there's any way to restore that deleted user?

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks a lot. (Muchas gracias!)

You saved my day and maybe my job, I deleted a student and was able to bring it back to life. 


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Sorry to bring an old post back from the grave.  

Is it possible to do a deleted user search based on API calls.  The reports are fine but tedious and would be alot easier to do a search based on the API calls.  I have not been able to do this and wondering if its possible.




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I'm having a problem where the user CANNOT be re-activated through the SIS import. I deleted the user using the API endpoint at 'DELETE /v1/accounts/{account_id}/users/{user_id}', and now I cannot re-activate the student. 

Annoyingly I also can't re-create the student, because the system says the SIS ID is in use. 

Can someone please help with this? 

== EDIT ============================================

OK, so I managed to get help about this via telephone support. The solution is to use the SIS CSV upload to upload a file called 'change_sis_id.csv'. Documentation about this file can be found in the usual SIS import document location (https://<YOUR DOMAIN>/doc/api/file.sis_csv.html). This allows you to change the SIS ID of the deleted user to something different from the user's real SIS id (e.g. '999_DELETED'). Then, you can re-create the user using their real SIS id, and there won't be a problem with the SIS already being in use.