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Reverse Gradebook From New to Old

Just curious. Once the new grade book has been turned on is there a way to revert it back to the old grade book?

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Community Coach


Maybe.  🙂  As long as one of the new features has not been used then you should be able to switch back.  The main new feature I am aware of that prevents switching back is the automatic grade reduction for late assignments.


It looks like there is no way to convert back.

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I was just told that this is an administrative decision.  As an administrator in Canvas, I can turn on and off the new gradebook, but teachers can't.

I'm looking to see if there is a way to see withdrawn students in the new gradebook version (Beta).  This is necessary in public schools as you may have a student change his/her schedule and may get the same teacher for the same class, but at a different time.  The grades do not transfer when this happens.

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Yikes! This type of transfer happens in private schools as well! Faculty will have a fit if grades won't follow for same Course > Same Teacher > Different Section!

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Community Coach

wilsong, as long as the course (in Canvas) stays the same, it doesn't matter if a student flips to a new section, their grades will stay with them in the course. I know this works because we sometimes need to flip students from one section to another within the same course. Yet, if you mean into a different course in Canvas (even if the content is the same and the teacher is the same), then no, you'd need to manually update the grades in the new course. 

Hope this helps, Kona

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Community Coach

 @9927744 , sorry that I just caught this! You can see concluded enrollments in the new gradebook. Go to Grades, click on "View," select Individual View, and then check the box to "Show Concluded Enrollments."