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Reverse Page Lookup

Is there a way to find out where a page is referenced in Canvas?  In particular, I'm looking for orphaned pages that are not linked form any other pages.

Here is more detail about what I am looking for.  I have two pages in my course labelled "Student Resources" and "Student Resources-2".  These had many links which due to inevitable link rot are now broken.  So both pages show up in the link validation tool.  The list of broken links was identical, so I think one is a copy of the other.

"Student Resources" is linked from the Modules page, but I have reason to suspect that "Student Resources-2" is not linked from anywhere, so I could just delete it.  Is there a way to check that?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there,  @ralmond  Thank You for posting your question.  I'm not familiar with anything in the current Canvas environment that would allow for you to get the information you're seeking.  However, you may be interested in checking out the TidyUP tool from CIDI Labs.  This is a paid product, but it might meet your needs.

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 @chofer ‌, thank you for the #TidyUP mention. Chris is correct. The main purpose of TidyUP is to let you scan for and clear out unused files which helps greatly with course accessibility but it also makes it very easy to clear out multiple imports and unused content pages, quizzes, assignments, and discussions that have built up in a course over time. It shows you exactly where the content is linked to or, in your case, not linked at all. Here's a view of what it looks like.

View of all course content in TidyUP