Revisions/resubmissions marked late?

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Hi all,

I allow students to submit revisions and rewrites up until speech day (for public speaking). I base the "on time" part of their work on the initial due date and what they submitted by that date (if it's a piece of paper with just their name and then later they submit the finished product, obviously their grade reflects that original half-assedness).

This allows students to submit a solid working draft (for accountability and review by me) and then, as we get closer to their speech date and have more detailed instruction on content, they can revise up until they actually speak (which is always after the due date for the speech outline or manuscript). This allows them to tweak, adjust, fuss, edit, etc... until their actual speaking date (makes them calmer).

Because I've set my gradebook to deduct points for lateness, whenever they submit a revision Canvas marks the assignment in yellow (late). I know I can manually go back and remove that "lateness" penalty, but that's time-consuming and cumbersome.

There must be a way to set the "lateness" switch to OFF if they've submitted by the actual due date, right?