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Since the deployment of the "new" rich content editor, the label has been updated ("New Rich Content Editor" is now called "Rich Content Editor"). In addition, the URL of resources has been updated. For example, last week this URL was " This week it is "

Can you tell me how long redirection of links will be in place? Is there any plan to stop redirecting the links (which would result in current URLs no longer working).


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Instructure Alumni

Hi @bkompe,

When we update the title of a lesson in the Community, the title inside the URL updates, but the end of the URL stays the same. In this case, that ending is "/ta-p/931." It appears that as long as that ending it correct, you should get to the right place. As far as our platform is concerned, it is still the same URL. It's never a bad idea to update your links, but you shouldn't have to worry about that "redirect" ever ceasing to work.


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