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Is there an easy way to copy and paste or something like that for the rubric scoring.  I'd like to put in the same scoring all the way down the rubric rather than have to write it in every time for every row   #Rubric

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If I understand correctly, you would like to automatically fill out a rubric.

This functionality does not exist within the web interface.

There was a discussion in November 2018 where two of us managed to come up with the code that would automatically assign the full point values to each question in a rubric. You would then be able to go through and override each one. When SpeedGrading an assignment, initialize points to rubric's max pts 

Note that conversation is a bit technical and there's not a ready-to-go script. But if you take Phil's pastebin code and replace the setValue function by my code, you might be able to get somewhere.

Disclaimer, I did not test Phil's code, I'm not sure why he's requiring jQuery because he does not appear to use it. I just supplied the part that completed the rubric. Phil came back and said it worked with his code. If you ask in that thread, Phil may be willing to share a copy of what he has.