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Rubrics not sharing properly

As our PLC has been editing assignments that were previously built in our course by our school district and we are using the "share to commons" or share with user function so that only one person needs to type the rubric. However, the rubrics that are created are not transferring after we edit them (the original version gets shared instead). 
We are making the changes before posting to commons but the rubric that shares reverts back to the rubric that was originally built with the class. Then if we try to build an entirely new rubric before sharing to commons, no rubric will get shared. It's like rubrics are not passing back and forth.
Do you know how we can fix this so that we each don't have to recreate the rubric?
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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning, @rfisher2020 ...

I assume that the rubric you are sharing to Canvas Commons is attached to an assignment in a course, correct?  After you make changes to the rubric, are you re-sharing the assignment to Commons?  Just making the change only in the course (after you've initially shared it to Commons) doesn't automatically change it in Commons.  You need to re-share it in order to update the same resource in Commons.  See How do I update a resource I previously shared to Commons? for more details.  Once the resource has been updated, anyone who has already imported that content from Commons now has the chance to update their own course because of the update you made.  How do I view updates to resources I previously imported from Commons?

I hope this will be of help to you.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

Thank you for trying to help. Yes, we are resharing after making the changes to the rubric and yes it's attached to an assignment. Unfortunately, it's just not sharing the rubric properly. 

Hello again, @rfisher2020 ...

Something else you could try...clearing your cache/history in your browser.  Once you do that, shut down your browser, re-start the browser, and see if anything has changed.

Or, have you considered deleting the resource from Commons and then re-sharing it from your course with the updated rubric?  (That might not be ideal for your situation, but it might be a good work-around.)

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I've restarted my device, reset the cache and we have tried creating a new rubric entirely then sharing the assignment it's linked with to commons and when we do that no rubric is shared/attached.