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I have -- quite frankly -- had it.

Grading via rubrics has to be improved. I just lost 1 hour of work because I inadvertently  hit something that "advanced' me to the next student.

I don't know what and I, quite frankly, don't care how or why this happened.

Just please fix. Things need to be honestly auto-saved. There is no excuse for how this is currently implemented.


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You might have hit a keyboard shortcut in the SpeedGrader. You can disable them by going to your profile setting (E.g. by clicking on "Account -> Settings" then scroll down to the bottom of that page. 

You can post this idea (auto-save) to the Idea Conversations forum:


@barbara_filkins  and @jerry_nguyen  The idea conversation that requests autosave functionality in Speedgrder rubrics in is  Auto Save Rubrics or Give Save Warning .