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SCORM assessments and highest mark?

Assignments using SCORM via the LTI plugin seems to work on our instance but unlike Canvas quizzes there seems to be no option to report anything but the most recent mark in Grades. Have I missed something? I'd really like to have this facility -- the Grades Beta History option gives access to the previous SCORM scores so I've used that as a manual workaround.

(SCORM seems to immediately tell Canvas to set the grade to zero when it's opened, so students reviewing a SCORM quiz lose their mark, and there seems to be a weird edge-case where some students manage to reopen the quiz in their browser history, perhaps by leaving browser tabs open, resetting their grade in the process -- Max Mark would fix this!)

Perhaps I should bite the bullet and use LTI?

Thanks for any suggestions,


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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @j_denholm-price , I've only dabbled around with SCORM so I'm unfortunately not going to be much help. Yet, I will share this with the Instructional Designers‌ and Canvas Admins‌ groups in the Community to see if they can help!

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I'm having the same problems: students viewing videos with embedded quiz questions see their score change from complete to incomplete if they go back to the video later without completing the quiz questions again. This is a hassle for the students and I want to encourage them to re-watch the videos, not make it more difficult! When a SCORM assignment is created there are no options on the corresponding Canvas assignment to "keep most recent" or "keep highest". These are sorely needed. 

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Hi James, I have this problem as well, you have mentioned a manual work around, would you please share how you are doing this, I am desperate to know.

Thanks, Dileep

Hi Dileep -- "manual workaround" was just using the new Grade History feature enabled in Settings > Feature Options > New Gradebook (beta) to review the history of students' SCORM "quiz" responses and (in my case) reinstate their "highest mark". Laborious but manageable for a relatively small group of students.

Best wishes -- James.

292424_gradebook history.PNG

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Thank you james for the quick response.  This is helpful.  There is still a problem with number of attempts, right?  I don't know why Canvas does not have an option for number of attempts in Assignments (SCORM can be deployed only as an Assignment) when they have such an option in Quiz (SCORM cannot be deployed as a Quiz).