Sample Json for Edit & Delete a user for API

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I would like to edit the user through API C#.  Can I have a sample Json for both?

I'm referring to this link for edit a user.

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In many cases, you can use both, but the SIS IDs always need prefaced. See SIS IDs in the documentation.

If a person had a SIS User ID of 12345, then you would need to use: { "id" : "sis_user_id:12345" }

There are a few places where SIS IDs are not supported, although it's not always clear where that is. Normally if it says :user_id or :course_id and there is a corresponding sis_id counterpart, then you can use it. If it just says :id then you may have to double check. I keep a copy of the the Canvas IDs for courses, sections, users in a local database after creation so I can refer to them in my API calls and almost never use the SIS IDs directly. I think that was because not as much had a SIS alternative when I started using Canvas.

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