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Schedule publishing of pages

I would like to link to Pages in Assignments. I want to set up Assignments in advance to be visible to students at later times. However, if I publish the Pages that are linked in these Assignments, students can access them early by going directly to View All Pages.

Is there a way to schedule when a Page gets published (similar to how an Assignment can be available starting at a certain day / time)?

Right now I am manually setting alarms to publish Pages that are linked in Assignments right before the Assignment becomes available.

Thank you!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @rivkafeinberg...

Pages in Canvas do not have the scheduling options that you can find in Assignments.  So, you will not be able to set specific dates/times for content Pages in your course.  Sorry that I don't have better news for you on this.

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True, @Chris_Hofer but @rivkafeinberg you can use Modules and add both the Assignment and the supporting page to a module and have the module scheduled to open at a certain date. This would necessitate you building your course in Modules and hiding the "building block" tools such as pages, assignments, quizzes, etc. This method is what I always recommend to my faculty and they love it that they can get everything set up with the knowledge that information isn't released prematurely.

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Thank you both!

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Canvas really need to add the ability to schedule publishing times

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It would be really useful to be able to schedule individual pages to publish at a specified time. 

Having said that, I can suggest a solution for your specific issue (I think). I use this when I want a quiz to include downloading a file during the quiz.

First, you have to have student access to Pages disabled. That way, students can only access pages you add to Modules or link to directly. Then, you add a link to the page within the Assignment. That way, the page will only become visible to students after the Assignment is open & they enter it. One additional note: the page needs to be published, but it doesn't need to be in a Module.

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Instructure have developed some support for publishing pages on a schedule. It's currently hidden behind a feature flag, but should be available in Canvas before too long. For those interested here's the change in the code that enables it:

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