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Schedule publishing of pages

I would like to link to Pages in Assignments. I want to set up Assignments in advance to be visible to students at later times. However, if I publish the Pages that are linked in these Assignments, students can access them early by going directly to View All Pages.

Is there a way to schedule when a Page gets published (similar to how an Assignment can be available starting at a certain day / time)?

Right now I am manually setting alarms to publish Pages that are linked in Assignments right before the Assignment becomes available.

Thank you!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @rivkafeinberg...

Pages in Canvas do not have the scheduling options that you can find in Assignments.  So, you will not be able to set specific dates/times for content Pages in your course.  Sorry that I don't have better news for you on this.

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True, @chofer but @rivkafeinberg you can use Modules and add both the Assignment and the supporting page to a module and have the module scheduled to open at a certain date. This would necessitate you building your course in Modules and hiding the "building block" tools such as pages, assignments, quizzes, etc. This method is what I always recommend to my faculty and they love it that they can get everything set up with the knowledge that information isn't released prematurely.

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Thank you both!