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Script for Missing Assignment Report?

Has anyone written script to pull custom reports from grades?  We are looking for a way for a building admin to pull all missing assignment data for our high school.

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We get this request frequently from our users and it is something that the community here has requested many times at different times.


Is there a way to print a report of assignments that are missing a grade in the gradebook?

Missing Assignments Report

Feature Request: Missing Assignment Report

If you pull up single student analytics as shown in sample below, this gets us pretty close. Maybe a Tampermonkey Canvancements - Canvas Enhancements could allow users just to see the Sumbissions Section on these pages and then filter for Missing and or zero socres (since some teachers put in zeros - but will allow students to makeup still).? A report showing a whole section of students in a course with missing assignments would still be the best! Or a LTI or even a Google Sheet the teacher could generate per course (making a small number of API calls)?