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I'm trying to search through previous messages that I sent to students or that they sent to me (much like you would with any email account). Is there a way to do this? It's maddening trying to scroll through all the previous messages to try to find something.

Please make this into a feature if it is not already!


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Hi @aconstantinescu 

While you cannot search the Canvas Inbox in the same way you can search most email (keep in mind that the Inbox is not email), there is considerable that you can do to make finding messages easier.

  • You can filter by course,
  • You can filter by by categories that include "Unread", "Sent", "Starred", and "Archived".

You can learn more about using the Canvas Inbox in the Canvas Instructor Guide, specifically How do I filter conversations as an instructor?

You can also suggest feature ideas for the Inbox within this community using the Idea Conversations.

I hope this is helpful,



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