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Secret URLs for self-enrollment not working in FFT

The secret URLs for self-enrollment in FFT now seem to be redirecting to:

... which is not nearly as intuitive as the previous simple registration form.

The vast majority of our students do not have Canvas accounts already. If they are lucky enough to find the small "Sign up" link, they go to this page:

... which then requires them again to find a small "I'm a student" link, which takes them to a third page with a form which requires the Join Code.

Many of our students do not speak English well and this process is much more difficult for them than the previous secret URLs.

Anyone else have this problem? Is there a new location for the secret URLs, or are they coming back?

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I don't mean to reply to myself, but just to clarify, it is the links like this that are not working:

(not a real code, I hope)

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Dan,

Our teams have been doing some redirects with the website links. Looks like we just need to correct the redirect for the existing registration link.

As far as I can tell the full URL does work with the code at the end, at least in incognito windows; are you trying to use it in a browser where you're already logged in to Canvas?


Thanks, Erin -

No, all my secret URLs are redirecting, whether in incognito mode or different browsers or different computers.

The example given above is a fake secret URL, so it goes to a 404 page - it seems to redirect only if the secret URL is real. I hesitate to post one of our real ones in this forum.

On one older computer I tried (with an older browser), the secret URL (a genuine one) raised an SSL alert - the security certificate was listed as expired. When I accepted the security exception, it redirected.


Community Team
Community Team

Just a followup, I figured out the secret URL works for users who are already logged in to Canvas. I realize that isn't the workflow used for secret URLs so I'll get someone to look at that as well!