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Section end dates no longer overriding course end dates?

For quite a while, we have accommodated students with "Incomplete" in a class by adding a new section within the class, adding the student to that section, and setting the section to have an extended end date that is past the default course/term end date.

Up until recently, that worked fine, allowing instructors to put new due/availability dates on quizzes and assignments for those students based on the "Incomplete" section end date rather than the course end date.

We've just discovered, though, that now students in those sections can no longer take quizzes if the course end date is passed, even if the section end date is not.  These students now get a "The quiz is not available because the course is concluded" message.

Has anyone else found this behavior?  I suspect it's a change from a recent update, we don't know which one...

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Community Advocate


Was the new section added Before the course ended?     And did the section have both Start and End dates entered?   I've found that sometimes if one date is entered, but not the other, sometimes a setting doesn't work quite right.    

It's possible you may need to submit this to Canvas as a ticket...

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We use the same method for Incompletes as you do, @mzimmerman .  But besides creating a new section in the class with the Incomplete dates, we also change the course end date in Settings, on the Course details tab. That will take care of students taking quizzes, since probably your school has checked "Restrict students from viewing quiz questions after course end date" in Account settings.

For us, the section end date means that students can no longer access the class, so anyone not in the Incomplete section can't enter or do work. There are so many settings that affect student access!