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Seeing a 100% student version of a Quiz - NOT ALLOWED!

Would you like to actually see the final version of your Quiz before your students do?      ME TOO!

Unfortunately, that's not an option with Canvas.

When you "Preview" your Quiz before publishing the quiz you will see a "close approximation" of your Quiz.

Those are the exact words of Help Line attendant from Canvas.

Here is the deal, if you use an image in your quiz, you have to publish it first. Got it, makes sense.

However, if you, a human, should fail to hit that publish button on you image inside of your Files, the student will not be able to see the image or take their quiz.

THE PROBLEM is that in Preview the quiz will display the image, leading you to think that your image is published. You are not actually previewing a student version of the quiz. You are viewing an instructor's version.

What about the Test Student view of the quiz. Well, the quiz has to be published and viewable to the students before Test Student can see it.

In the end, Canvas does not let the instructor see their finished, student ready version of the quiz before the students see it!

Hard to believe I know, but it's true. Canvas expects instructors to administered unseen exams!!