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Self-updating Module Link

Is there a way to link my most recent module to my home page? I'd love to be able to set it once, then as I publish a new module each week, my home page link just updates to the new one without having to publish the module, then update the link every week.

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I have a feeling that there is no way to do what you want in Canvas.  I cannot think of one - unless canvas were to put in an option on the module settings that allowed you to say make this my home page.

However, I can envision the possibility of a javascript being written that would run through tampermonkey to do what you want.  That script is currently above my pay grade, but my idea would be that the script would only be running if you were on the modules page and if you published a module then a pop up would come up asking if you wanted to make it the home page.  It would also probably have to have a check in there that if you unpublished the current home page module(for whatever reason) it would then have a pop up asking which published module you would want to use for the home page with a way to select one of the published modules.

Maybe someone else in the community has found some way to do what you want.