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Community Champion

Set Default Grade addition request

I read this in the known bugs. 

"There's no "Set Default Grade" in Gradebook

We'll be changing this feature a bit... adding to it, actually. "


Our faculty want:

   1) the ability to add EX as a default grade.  

   2) the ability to Set Default Grade for all blanks in the gradebook (e.g. fill in zeroes for all missing submissions in all assignments at once

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Community Contributor

The ability to globally set blank grades to zero at prior to submitting final grades would be great.  In classes with a large number of gradebook items, this can be a lot of work in the current gradebook.

Community Champion

Hey there, 

We are adding it back in soon (as you discovered in known issues), but before we add it in, we're going to give you the ability to set an automatic grade to be award for all missing items. So you will actually not have to do anything to get those grades awarded to all the folks who haven't submitted. We'll automatically do it for you, based on the policy you set. 

Community Champion

That's great news!  Our faculty will greatly appreciate having that option.


Community Champion

I think the Late Policy is a great idea, but I will confess it is such a different approach from our old LMS (which is still fresh in people's memory) that I anticipate push-back.  Even exciting changes are hard....

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Deactivated user Will this be able to be set for all assignments at once or a single assignment at a time?

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, all,

Just to update this thread a bit, Default Grade is in the New Gradebook. Christi's clarifying comment about setting an automatic grade will be added as part of Phase 2 (Phase 1 is currently in development).



Community Participant

Hi Christi,

The feature to award a default grade for late assignment sounds great. Do you know if it's available or when it will be available?


Community Champion

Hi  @nschutz ,  Late Policies is now available if you enable the New Gradebook. This FAQ provides a good overview of the feature, .