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Setting up a sandbox?

How do you set up a sandbox for collaboration?

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Hi  @dcosgrove2 

When you create a Canvas course, try selecting "Sandbox Course" from sub account.

Please make sure you have permission to create new course in Canvas.


Hope this helps.


Hi  @ashok_thapa  

I just wanted to point out, that unless  @dcosgrove2   works at your school, it is not likely that she will see that option. That entire drop-down box list reflects sub-accounts created by your school. They are not Canvas standard.

At my own school for example, we do not use sub-aacounts, and we do not let users create their own courses.


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @dcosgrove2  Thank You for posting your question.  I agree with  @kmeeusen  that your screen may look different than what  @ashok_thapa  provided in his screen shot.  A few days ago, there was a similar question about sandbox courses that I helped answer, so I would like to point you to: Sandbox.  I hope the information I've provided in that response would also help in your situation.  But please feel free to post follow-up questions below if you still have questions about your own sandbox course.  Thanks!