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Share resources between courses.

Is is possible to share resources (modules, quizes, files, etc) between 2 courses of the same class.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hey  @psultan  Welcome to the Community!

I see a couple of ways to interpret your question.  If you are looking to create a template of sorts and then reuse it in multiple classes, you might want to check out blueprint courses.  If you want to create one course and then have it used by multiple sections, either concurrently or continuously, you might want to look into cross-listing multiple sections into one course.

Community Champion

 @psultan ‌,

If the course is essentially the same, and you want to run it concurrently you can also look at creating sections inside of the same course, or, if the courses being shared are only sharing a few items, you can always import just those resources from a separate Canvas Course or even from Commons

I hope this helps. 

Hi Scott,

I'd like to add to this question.  Is it possible to create a module that I can then share with other teachers so they can plug it into their Canvas course?  Like a plug and play sort of thing? 

Thank you.


Yes, you could create and then share it to Commons and then teachers could download it from there to their class. Or you could add the Module to a class that all teachers have teacher access to and then they could import it from there. It’s probably easier and safer to go the Commons route though. 

Just to add to Kona's good suggestions here,  @megan_price , another more old school option for it you don't want them all to share a common course and your institution doesn't have access to Commons, would be to create the module in a blank course, create a course archive and then share it with them via Google drive, jump drive, etc.  I'd say this is sort of an option of last resort but I have heard of people doing it to scale.