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Shared Google Drive access?

Is there a way to access a Shared Google Drive instead of a singular drive?

(My content partner and I share a drive that houses ALL of our content from several years. When I try to add something from Drive to an assignment, it only gives me access to my singular Drive. I need access to my Shared Drive.)

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Still looking for the answer to this problem.  My district has created a shared drive that houses thousands of materials for our French Programs.  This are things that we need on a daily basis to post in our classes to do our job.  Yet, currently in Canvas, we are not able to access these files on the shared drive, only the files on our personal drives. This is something that needs to resolved ASAP.  There is not enough time in the day to constantly be making copies of materials to place in our personal Google Drive, to upload into Canvas.  And clearly we are not the only people with this problem. PLEASE figure out a way for teachers to access their SHARED GOOGLE DRIVES in order to do our jobs efficiently!

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I agree, it would be great to be able to access shared folders.  Has anyone found a work around?



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I found a workaround that at least allows the students to view the Google Doc from a shared drive. Feel free to correct me if this is wrong. DO NOT go through your Google Drive at the top of the Edit screen.

To hyperlink something, command K where you want the hyperlink to be, then go to your shared drive document in a different tab. Copy the URL for the shared drive document and at the end, get rid of /edit and put in /view. Then paste the whole URL with /view at the end instead of /edit and make sure the permission settings are set that anyone with the link can view, and boom. It should work where the students can see the document from the shared drive.


I have not found a workaround for doing this within assignments and using external tools so it creates its own version for each kid.

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Hey folks, try this:

Find/highlight the Shared folder(s), then:

- Click Add Shortcut to Drive
- Place the Shortcut in My Drive folder
- Now you should see that folder when submitting work via Canvas
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