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Sharing Canvas Paid (Pro) Account (individual teachers getting together to share an paid account)

Hi all!

I just got off the phone with Madison, a Canvas K-12 representative. I would like to move to a paid account, however, it is way out of my budget as a solo teacher. I asked her if there is any "subletting" on Canvas. Meaning, someone who owns a paid account and then shares (for a fee), their account with other teachers. I would love to share with someone who already has a paid account. 

The issues I'm running into with the free account, is that my speeds are very laggy and loading videos for me and my students is very inconsistent. The rep told me that is because it is a free account with caps on file storage. 

Even if you're not the person with a paid account, willing to share, if you're a teacher with a free account that would like to pool funds together to share a paid account, please drop a line below!

The price for a paid account is $17,000 USD. It's a 3 year commitment. The first year is $7,000. The second two years are $5,000 each.

I would need many teachers to join, as my price point is up to $150 per year. Are there 46 more teachers out there willing to collaborate to make this affordable for us?

Excited to connect!

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