Should I see new modules when I click on course?

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I copied a 2-week course that I created last semester.  This semester, I copied the course into a new shell and then I added modules 11-20, but when I click on the class I do not see the new modules (11-20).  If I click modules then I am able to see the course with 11-20 modules in it.  Also when I copied the old course it made 2 copies of the course, one red one green.

My question is:  when I log into Canvas and click on the course should I see everything even the new modules that I added?

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Sheila, if you want the new Modules on your home page, then you would need to add them by editing your home page and then using the rich content editor. The original homepage was created by a person, not Canvas, so Canvas wouldn’t automatically update it. Here is the guide that explains how to add your new Modules to your home page - 



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