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Show assignment list on homepage??

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New to canvas so please be kind......

I want to create a home page and on the bottom of my home page i want to show the assignment list.

Not a link to the assignment list but the list itself.

As an example, my syllabus page is apparently set up to do this-how can I add the assignment list to my new home page?



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Community Coach

Taking these questions a bit out of order:

Do other people have canvas set up so the assignment list is on the bottom of any page they want??

As far as I can tell, that list of assignments at the bottom of the Syllabus page is only displayed like that on that page...nowhere else.  I don't know of any way to embed that same list (without the links) to another page...other than to create a custom page in your "Pages" area of your course.  I've never heard of anyone at my Technical College doing anything like you're asking, unfortunately.

You say "your own list of assessments/assignments)....."

Do you mean I create my own list on that page?

Yup...that's what I would recommend doing based on my earlier posting and the posting that stefaniesanders​ has given below.  Hopefully that will get you somewhat close to what you ultimately want to accomplish for your course.

 @mparzen ​: Yes, I kind of figured that was the little kink in the thought process that was tripping us up. You can indeed hide the Syllabus link in the left nav and still use it as your course home page. Since I nearly always use a customized Syllabus page as my course home page, I nearly always do that (and you might want to have a look at this blog in the Instructional Designers space: Creating an inviting course home page ). However, I do believe you're correct in assuming that you won't be able to make the Syllabus publicly visible and hide it from the left nav at the same time. You might have a look at using Modules to restrict the course content; the first item in the first module could be a graded assignment consisting of a payment screen, and the requirement for advancement would be that students must score 100% to move to the next item (and you would only award a student 100% on the assignment after he or she pays). You can read more about module requirements here: How do I add requirements to a Module? You could add a link to Modules on your course home page, incorporated in a Start Here button, that directs your students to the modules.

As far as how Canvas creates the list of assignments at the bottom, I suggest you post that question in the Canvas Developers​ space. The experts who hang out there are familiar with the code behind the product.

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If most or all of your assignments are already created when you create your homepage, could you just copy and paste the assignment list from the syllabus page to your custom homepage? this would of course be static content that would have to be re-pasted when you create new assignments but it's a fairly quick chore.

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Thanks everyone for all the useful comments. I am all set now [hide the syllabus and using it as the home page and created a new page via the redirect app for a new syllabus page...this was the recommended action]. An alternative which I tried and also works fine is to embed using an iframe a google calendar for the course.