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Social Media??


Looking for anything/everything you might have to say about using Social Media to help advertise/promote Canvas at your institutions....   

I would like to use FB, twitter, etc. for tech tips, instructional design stuff, posting/archiving release notes, blabbing about successes, promoting upcoming workshops etc.

What do you have to say about this?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @jared_flaherty ​, our Institution frowns on having social media accounts for specific areas on campus, so I don't have much experience promoting what we do in this format. I mostly rely on messaging within Canvas, Institutional email, campus vision (campus TV channel), student newspaper, and posters/flyers/banners/etc for our marketing.

Also, since this question doesn't really have a right or wrong answer I'm going to switch it over to a discussion so the conversation can continue. Smiley Happy

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thanks kona...   i should have poked around better to figure out where to post this.      sorry.    thanks for moving it.    i asked to setup some social media accts for canvas stuff and was denied.    i suppose the university wants to limit how many people can post stuff   i get it.     i don't like it, but i get it.  



Sounds like we're in the same boat social media wise. Smiley Sad

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​follow me on Twitter @johnmmblake i am the school admin and we beginners. Our school is in North Carolina. Grades 6-12.

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We're located in Charlotte and have been on Canvas for 2 years.  If you're nearby, would love to get together to chat about Canvas, how we use it, etc. We're a graduate school.

I don't get to Charlotte area much. 2 1/2 hour drive one way. Our school district is down highway 74 just 30 miles East of I-95 in Whiteville Nc. North Carolina public schools has offered Canvas to all schools. Liking the idea that quizzes can be auto graded and added to our Gradebook program. I've used Moodle, and Blackboard in my classroom for 8 or 9 years. Even set up professional development courses to support teachers in a 1:1 laptop school.

Canvas is different. Need tips and tricks to using it. Looking for test item bank.

John Blake

Whiteville City Schools

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @jared_flaherty ​...

When the Beta and Production Release Notes are posted by Instructure, we have been posting those as an announcement to the Canvas Dashboard for our instructors.  For the Beta Notes, I will usually highlight a few of the key updates that will be coming and let the instructors click on the link to the Beta Notes to read the rest.  We also provide them the document on how to access the Beta site in case they want to check out the new features for themselves.  For the Production Notes, we post the video that Jordan Dayton makes along with a link to the Production Release Notes.

This semester we have also started sending out a newsletter via e-mail to our faculty and adjuncts.  The newsletter highlights new features that are coming to Canvas...or in the case of this past Summer, what they missed while instructors were on Summer break.  We are archiving these newsletters in a "resource" Canvas course that I built for our faculty/adjuncts.

Our workshops are typically advertised inside of our Technical College's portal website through our Organizational Development department.

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thanks...   i hadn't thought about an announcement inside canvas to instructors.    thank you.

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 @blakej ​, perhaps some of the following links could be helpful to you as far as tips and tricks go:

Creating an inviting course home page

Using Google Docs for dynamic Canvas content

Sample Course Templates