Some of my grades will not submit

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I am grading an assignment using a rubric.  I have the assignment hidden until I have finished grading.  In speed grader, I fill out the rubric and save it, and then I enter the grade into the box at the top of the screen.  For half of my students, there is not problem.  When I enter the grade, it is marked hidden.  When I go to the grade book, their total grade reflects the new assignment and shows that some assignments are hidden.

For half of my students, after I enter the grade at the top of the screen, nothing happens.  The grade does not show as hidden, and it is not reflected in their total score in the grade book.  Their total score does not show the crossed out eye that means that some assignments are hidden.  

I have tried to re-enter the grade in speed grader, re-fill out the rubric, enter the grade manually in the grade book.  I have also tried doing all of this using a different browser (Edge and Chrome).  Nothing has fixed the problem.  I do not know what to do.  

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Even if you're not seeing the icon about hidden grades, can you go to the options for the assignment in the gradebook and see what options you have. When some students are hidden and some are posted, I'm seeing both the Post Grades and Hide Grades options.


If you click on Post Grades, it will tell you how many are hidden


And it will show which ones are hidden in the gradebook with a small red dot.


To fix it, you would want to post the grades for everyone.

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