Someone keeps using my email in an canvas diffrerent organization/community

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Someone has signed up in an canvas organizationg with my eamil. How do i remove my email from that persons account??

 i Keep getting emails about courses updates and stuff.  I tried to contact the university but nothing have happend


How do i remove my email?

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Hi @HE4 

As a user you can only modify your own account in Canvas, and cannot remove your email from another user's account. This can be corrected by your school's Canvas Admin if you know who is using your email address. You said you contacted your school, but did you contact your school's Canvas Admin or Canvas support department? In large organizations, not everybody does a great job of passing things on to the right department.

If you cannot find Canvas Support on your school's website, try submitting a support ticket from within Canvas - click "Help", then in the pop-up menu, choose "Report a Problem".

Good luck,


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