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Sorting Assignments in New Grade Book

With the pending release of the new grade book feature in Canvas, I have been using the beta version for almost a month now.  I like many of the features, but one issue has been bugging me.  When I add assignments to my class, they show up in the grade book at the very end - AFTER the totals for each assignment group.  I spend a lot of time moving the columns around manually.

Is this design intentional?  Or a bug?


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Hi  @d_anderson2 ‌!  That does not happen for me, so I am thinking that maybe it's a bug! 

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I saw the same thing in one of my test courses. I'm not sure what exactly is causing it, but you can quickly get it into a better order by using the 'View' dropdown on the top-left of the gradebook and selecting an option from the 'Arrange By' menu. Default Order will have your gradebook conform to the order found within the 'Assignments' section of your course. In my own course it looked like no arrangement was selected, so it was a bit scattered, as you saw.


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I went back and checked my gradebook to see what view I had.  I do have default checked, so maybe this will fix it for you!

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I had an instructor report this same issue on Tuesday. She has assignments set up in modules. She weights grades by category. She uses due dates. She keeps assignments unpublished. In the grade book "view" menu, she hides unpublished assignments. She has found that when she publishes an assignment, it appears at the end of the grade book, to the right of the grade "Total." Do we know if this is a bug or is this how the grade book is supposed to work?

I know that the original post was a year ago and this is still happening. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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