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Community Champion

Sorting Student Names by Secondary Identifier (i.e. Section)

It would be great if we could expand on the sorting capabilities of the student column by also allowing sorting by section or other secondary identification. Filtering by section continues to be nice, but sometimes our instructors want to see all the sections but not mixed together.

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Community Contributor

We would love this as well.   On a multi campus it really assists things 

Community Member

This would be very useful for us too.

Community Champion

Yes, that would be great!

Community Champion

Thanks Buddy!  We would also like to see sorting on secondary identifier, AND I have just recently received two requests from instructors at our campus who wanted to view the whole gradebook sorted first by section and then by name (or other identifier).  That flexibility would be greatly appreciated.

Community Team
Community Team

 @buddyhall ‌

This idea is not part of the current scope of the New Gradebook.  Please submit your idea through Canvas Studio

How do I create a new feature idea?

You may want to team up with  @joshua-stuart ‌.  He submitted 

This idea is now posted. Please consider voting for it and continuing the discussion at 

Community Champion

I voted! Thanks again Buddy!