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Sound quality issue with a recorded conference?

Hello everyone!

All the professors in the university I am working on are asked to teach remotely from next Monday because of the recent federal policy change and they have been trying out the Canvas Conferences last two days. Since Friday (13/3), afternoon, I start receiving the email saying that there is an issue with the quality of recorded videos. The sound quality of the recorded videos becomes really bad and hard to understand...on the same day, Instructure announced the performance issue with BigBlueButton and new partnership other service providers. We had several courses on Thursday (12/03) using the Conference function on Canvas and there is no issue with the sound and video quality. Do you think this issue is related to the rapid increase with usage? Do you guys have any advice to solve this quality issue??

Thank you for your help!

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Community Team
Community Team


There is a good chance that was related to the influx of users.  There were adjustments made that hopefully improved that experience for everyone.  Do speak up if it didn't