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Special Education Staff Establishing Its Own Courses & Resources

The YouTube live Canvas sessions (typically hosted by @MarkBoothe)  that were started this spring due to Covid-19 have been a TOTAL LIFESAVER. In the fall my campus is going to Canvas and as edtechcoach it is my job to assist staff in this transitional process. I am working hard to help my staff to get there with as much ease as possible and these sessions have gone a long way to help. In fact, these videos have played a huge role in that!The one area where I feel like I could use more tangible examples and good ideas are in the realm of special education. I know there are all sorts of amazing resources and thinkers out there who have figured out how to really make Canvas courses work for special education, I am just unfortunately not finding what I am looking for. specialeducationhack‌  specialeducation‌speced‌ specedhack‌

Here are the ideas I am Crockpotting about.

  • Does your special education staff have its own course? specialeducationcourse‌
  • If yes, what items does the course entail?
  • In what capacity are your intervention specialists involved in regular education courses?

I have been thinking a lot about this and inadvertently got a brief glimpse at what I am looking for during one of the awesome Canvas sessions. It was an HTML session with  @cflippen ‌. Thanks Cat!!! (I really don't want to sound like a stalker or anything, but her sessions are Canvas gold if you haven't seen one yet! I feel like I have one ah-ha moment after another!) Anyway, here is the video I am talking about.

Around 12:30 Cat shows how to make banners fit to whatever the size of the screen is and that is great stuff, but I am equally as intrigued by the pages she is tinkering with-- the special education content with multiple buttons.

352587_Spec ed Cat F.PNG

So Cat, you awesome course designers, and special ed techies out there, what do you recommend for special education staff that is just beginning with Canvas? In May I curated a lot of the things I could find in the Community about special education in this quickie slide deck. They are great resources that were shared by all of you, but it still doesn't show what a special education course could look or act like so I would deeply appreciate seeing more of that if you have things or ideas you could share. Also, if you have anyone out there you can connect me with or if you feel you have cracked the spec ed Canvas code, I would appreciate any and all ideas or contacts!

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Have you received any feedback on this topic? Our district is also very interested in this issue. Please share any ideas, that you have had or have, and we will gladly share what we are thinking. 

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I am a SPED teacher from an urban middle school in Kansas City. I am teaming up with an elementary SPED teacher in my district, and we are working on course templates for SPED teachers to use. Our district is slowly working on phasing in Canvas, but many teachers are overwhelmed. I appreciate any ideas on how I can construct main pages that are easy to copy and customize, and do instructions for accommodations. I also need to incorporate paraprofessionals. 

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