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Specific page in navigation area

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I would like to have a specific Page (not all Pages) as a link in the left navigation area. I've been searching this site and the internet and have concluded it is not possible. Is there a solution or work around?

Dennis Angle

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Yes, looks like our answers crossed. I'm glad to know this worked out for you! I'm marking this question with the Correct Answer flag, but it will continue to show up in search results and will not be closed for comments, so people can continue to add their responses to your questions about risks and permalinks.

You need to be careful about grabbing specific object links.  Some tools, like Pages, will currently let you link directly via the Redirect tool even if the Pages tool is hidden.  Try doing that with the Assignments tool -- link directly to a specific, published assignment via the Redirect tool with the Assignments tool hidden and it will "break" for the student, sending them to the Home page for the site.  Break isn't quite the right term, as it is by design.  But it's not clear to me why "Hidden" has to mean different things in different tools.

I'm searching for an existing Idea request at the moment.  My thought is that "Publish" should determine what shows up on the Assignment list or the Modules list or the Discussions list, etc.  I'm sure that redirecting to Home was designed to protect content, but I don't see where it would protect content not otherwised protected by Publish. 

I see a lot of pedagogical upside to allowing instructors to take control of the terms used in site navigation.  We struggled against this in our previous LMS.  The thought was that seeing the exact same terms in the site nav would be comforting and efficient for students.  True enough.  But it's also comforting and efficient for students to see the *most meaningful* terms there.

dperpich​, you are absolutely right, and thanks for the cautionary note. The original question was specifically about linking to a page.

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@Stepahie Sanders Where is the redirect tool in the Add App area?  It looks like this is the answer I'm looking for, but I can't find the redirect tool.


Community Coach
Community Coach

 @grogne ​, here's a screen shot showing how to find it: (1) Settings, (2) Click on the Apps tab, (3) type in Redirect, (4) click on the Redirect icon to get more information on how to add the tool and configure it.


A screenshot was exactly what I needed! Thank you so much! This was driving me nuts this afternoon.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Excellent! Glad I could help!