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Speech therapy- how to create a therapy schedule for remote students


Our district is operating in a hybrid program currently- we have students attending brick and mortar as well as those live streaming from home. The therapists and I are currently try to figure out the best way to schedule students remotely for services. Since all are using Canvas, we thought it would be best to push out their schedule through this platform.  What is the best tool, for creating a weekly session/assignment with a reminder for them to tune at their time to get the link to connect to Zoom?

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I have this same question.  I have the zoom link on my Canvas, but how to remind my 3rd to 5th graders when to come?  I have a schedule posted using emojis for each student instead of names.  I have their teacher names showing and the times (it's all in a table) but can't figure out how to remind them except for putting it in the calendar.  My concern is that if it's in the calendar, all students will see that reminder.  I don't want them overwhelmed.