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Speed Grader Commenting Tools Missing

Hi all,

So I'm having what seems to be a common issue but none of the solutions I found seem to apply to me. I created a paper submission assignment, it used, a PDF submission is required, and the students are assigned 2 peer reviews. I was able to comment using the speedgrader comment tools in this same assignment last semester. The only change is the 2 peer reviews I added. The assignment has a rubric, but this shouldn't impact the commenting tools.


  • I know it's not that the students uploaded the wrong type of file since I limited the submission type to .pdf
  • I tested Chrome and Safari and both show the same issue
  • I had no issues with the same assignment with commenting before, but did add the peer reviews 

Any suggestions? I need to finish grading this over the weekend and would hate to leave out in-text feedback.

351314_Napkin 4 06-18-20, 10.29.04 PM.png

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It seems that one of the causes might be the peer review based on this thread Annotations ToolBar suddenly not appearing in SpeedGrader 

This is an issue based on a from 2 years ago. Any updates? Fixes? Work-a-rounds?

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Omar,

Check to see if the assignment is set for anonymous grading as part of the peer review. Anonymity will turn off the toolbar.