SpeedGrader Tools do not respond well after a few minutes

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I know I am NOT the only one with this issue, but I have yet to see it addressed.  Why is it that the SpeedGrader Tools do not respond well after a few minutes of use grading papers, particularly in Chrome? This makes grading take extra long, makes it more frustrating, and makes the college's encouraging us to use Canvas a bad idea. I have used SpeedGrader Tools for grading essays in Chrome for a few years now, and this is the first time that I have been having such constant and frustrating issues. Can this issue PLEASE be addressed and FIXED soon???  Thank you!

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Hi Kim,

I've been using Canvas a long time and have never heard of this issue.  I wonder if Chrome is caching things somehow and after so much time of us it's getting bloated and running out of resources on your computer?  At any rate, I think it would be a good idea to submit a support request about this using the Help icon on the left side of Canvas.  There might be some others here who have seen this and can chime in with ideas, but if it's something that is not working correctly, taking it up with Canvas support is probably the best route to get it investigated and hopefully solved.


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