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Speedgrader Issues

I am grading in web version of Speedgrader.  I finish grading a student's work and then progress on to grade another student's --- I notice the orange circle is still present.  Why isn't it being marked green as graded.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi sara.chai...

I just tested this out in my own sandbox course.  I submitted an assignment as a student, and then I went back as an instructor to grade it.  The student had the orange circle next to his name in the SpeedGrader, but as soon as I put in a score for the assignment, it turned in to a check-mark to indicate that I had graded the assignment.  Have you tried things like clearing your cache/browsing history?  Have you tried using another browser such as Chrome or Firefox?  If those haven't worked, it may be a good idea to reach out to the Help Desk folks at Canvas to see if they can help troubleshoot.  You can contact them by clicking on the "Help" icon on the left side of your Canvas screen.  Please keep us updated on this, Sara.

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This is I wonder if it's affecting some installations but not others?   @chofer ‌, sara.chai --take a look at a very similar question here: It appears that  @kmeeusen ‌ has reported this as happening to several schools in his state since Saturday.  Sounds like "something" might have happened with the update that occurred(????)

(For the record, I replicated the issue on Thursday but am not here's hoping something got fixed.)

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Hi Chris- 

It doesn't seem to be a browser problem for me...I'll try again.

The problem for me is it was going on for about a week and then another teacher at my site brought it up. 

It is one thing to troubleshoot for myself, but for other, less savvy users it causes headaches.  Thanks for trying ideas.

The help icon leads me to my district's support --- which isn't quite the same as Canvas troubleshooting, at least not for me...

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Thanks Ken. 

I will be checking this as I continue grading....Hopefully something was fixed!  I also checked into Kelley's question and yep, it was the same thing for me (and another teacher at my site).

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Sadly, mine still is doing the same in I don't think it is fixed yet...

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As Sara Chai said, I don't think the issue is resolved. I just received an email from a faculty member about this issues. She said: "In Speed Grader, the circle does not change to a checkmark next to the student name until you purposefully refresh the screen.  This is now happening consistently for me.  I am not sure if it is new or I am just now noticing." Anyone else finding a longterm solution?

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We are seeing this in our instance and have filed a ticket. I was not able to produce the problem as an admin but the teacher who contacted me was able to capture a screencast. She is seeing inconsistent toggling of the orange dots and green checkmarks while she is actively grading--orange dots by names of students she's graded and green checks next to students she hasn't graded. It caused a lot of confusion because it seemed as though half her grades had suddenly disappeared. The grades were still there, just misidentified in the Speedgrader list. When she left Speedgrader and returned the students had the correct markings next to their name.

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I have a teacher reporting similar issues.

The image below is of a Checkmark showing the student have been graded, but there is no grade yet given.

The same teacher has also had problems with the grades not updating until she refreshes the page. 


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This seems to be getting worse for me.  Now, sometimes I see a green check before I even grade a student's work.  I have tried clearing cache and will try again...but this is new tonight for me...