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Speedgrader not displaying the correct section/student

A teacher wants to access Speedgrader for a specific assignment and student. When a teacher clicks on a students individual assignment within the Gradebook, he is taken to the student shelf. When he clicks on Speedgrader, Speedgrader opens to a different sections AND therefore a different student (the first student in that section) Has anyone else experienced this?

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I am having this same issue and will not be able to use this if it will not navigate to the student I need to grade.  Also having the ability to launch the SpeedGrader from the drop down menu within the assignment name and from within the assignment cell like the previous gradebook would be preferable. 

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Dianne,

Sounds like you should report this behavior to Canvas support so they can investigate for you.



Community Team
Community Team


Erin is correct.  You've posted this to the New Gradebook User Group.  When you experience this SpeedGrader problem again, please use the help menu in Canvas to 'report a problem'.  This will submit a support case for you.