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Speedgrader on a tablet: recommendations


One of our teachers wants to use speedgrader on the go. What would you recommend?

Is speedgrader compatible with every tablet?

Is it better to use a browser or the Canvas teacher app to grade assignments?

What about using a digital pen? Are all pen tablets supported?

We had some teachers that used a tablet (iOS, Android), but decided after some experience to use a laptop for serious marking. Are there other people that had issues with speedgrader on iOS or Android?

Kindly regards,

Tobe Baeyens

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @tobe_baeyens ,

In my opinion the best way to access SpeedGrader on a tablet is the Canvas Teacher app. Its optimized for the tablet and supports popular features such as annotations, rubrics, and media feedback.

As for suggestions...

On iOS the best experience is going to be an iPad that supports an Apple Pencil. Apple has a great list here: Use Apple Pencil with your iPad or iPad Pro - Apple Support 

Even with that, any iPad that can run iOS 11 or later with ANY stylus will work for iOS. 

As for Android, it's harder to make a specific suggestion since Android tablets vary greatly. As long as the Android tablet can install Canvas Teacher and support a stylus, it will work for annotations. 

Of course, if annotations are not important, any device that can run Canvas Teacher will be perfectly fine.